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Walmart Canada


Design Research |

Customer Journey Mapping


Walmart Canada launched a Marketplace on their e-commerce site in September 2017, allowing customers to purchase items from third party sellers.

Pre-launch, I conducted usability research to understand how third party purchases fit conceptually into Walmart's one-stop shop mental model & identify opportunities to build awareness around the expanded Marketplace assortment. 

User Research

I conducted 8 one-on-one interviews & prototype walkthroughs with Walmart shoppers through 

In the interviews, I explored participant attitudes to Walmart's product assortment and probed for opportunities to build Marketplace awareness.

I then took participants through a low fidelity prototype that followed the purchase journey on for a coffee maker from a Marketplace seller.

Research Objectives

  • How early in the customer journey do people need to know about Marketplace 

  • How third-party purchases fit conceptually into the one-stop shop mental model 

  • How to build awareness around the expanded Marketplace assortment 

  • Where content can support decision making at different site touchpoints 

  • Value of seller information and seller reviews vs. product reviews on the purchase decision

  • Mechanics to help customers trust Walmart and third party sellers



  • Identified participant criteria

  • Wrote research brief & interview guide

  • Facilitated shopalong sessions


I began by reviewing the notes & video recordings from to identify common attitudes on assortment & shopping habits at Walmart. 

I then went through each screen in the shopping journey for the coffee maker to identify opportunities and pain points.


Key Findings & Opportunities

Building Marketplace Awareness

Walmart is not top of mind for higher-end brands or specialized products, but customers are open to purchasing these items as long as the price is right. Raising awareness around the expanded assortment is key to the success of Marketplace.

Breaking Mental Models

Loyal Walmart shoppers have strong existing mental models around fulfillment. Educating customers about shipping fees and delivery options for Marketplace items will empower them to shop smarter earlier in the journey.

Expectations of Walmart

Participants expected Walmart to serve as an intermediary between them and the Marketplace seller in the event something went wrong with the order.

Store as Differentiator

Walmart can differentiate itself from its competitors through its in-store experience, such as offering in-store returns & in-store pickup for Marketplace items

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